BGBC Partners, LLP Tax Update: Leased Automobiles - Income and Expenses

Does your company provide automobiles for the owners and managers?  Do they use the automobiles for both business and personal travel? (Commuting to work is considered personal use.)  If so, has your company properly reported the income and expenses for such arrangements?

BGBC Partners, LLP Tax Update - Internet Based Grocery Sales

Due to the low profit margins and perishability of much of the inventory, grocery stores are one of the last retail industries to expand into the World Wide Web. 

BGBC Partners, LLP Tax Update: “IRS Calendar Connector”

As the pace of the world is ever increasing and the volume of events fill our daily lives, it reminds us how important it is to be on top of or even ahead of our schedules.  Having monthly, weekly, and even daily calendars and reminders helps us to stay organized with the multitude and variety of tasks.

BGBC Partners, LLP Tax Update: The Mobile App Craze and its Tax Treatment

So you’ve been thinking about the addition of a Mobile App to your marketing toolbox.  With the iPhone, Blackberry, as well as the various Android and Window mobile phones clamoring for market shares, it’s hard not to hear the term “They’ve got an app for that!”  Many of us are aware of the potential business a “mobile app” can bring.  But few of us have considered the accounting and tax ramifications which come with developing, purchasing, launching, or maintaining a mobile app. 


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