BGBC Partners will be hosting a QuickBooks Workshop on June 15, 2017. 

Please join us at Johnson County REMC. The program will run from 8am-10am with a Q&A following from 10am-10:30am

Please click HERE to learn more and to register for this informative workshop!

The recent repeal of an Obama-era law that would have required Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to obtain users’ permission before sharing their personal data with marketers and other third parties has created dissent within the technology sector.

Since President Trump’s election, investor enthusiasm has helped to propel equity returns into new territory, with first-month gains of the like that have not been seen since LBJ took office.

The Republican takeover of the White House has stirred speculation that inflation will rise, largely based on positive consumer sentiment, steady growth in jobs and President Trump’s support for increased spending on national infrastructure projects.

If you keep a lot of data on your iPhone without a periodic cleanup, you’ll reach a point when you don’t have available space for the apps you want to access most. The default settings in your phone contribute to the overload in many instances. In some situations, you can free up storage by overriding these defaults to better suit your needs. For others, you’ll need to better manage your storage capacity. Here’s how: