If you keep a lot of data on your iPhone without a periodic cleanup, you’ll reach a point when you don’t have available space for the apps you want to access most. The default settings in your phone contribute to the overload in many instances. In some situations, you can free up storage by overriding these defaults to better suit your needs. For others, you’ll need to better manage your storage capacity. Here’s how: 

We just passed the tax filing and extension deadlines and thought it might be a good idea to review some of the reasons and strategies behind filing an extension.

Whether one is a first-time entrepreneur opening a new business, or a serial entrepreneur working on the next venture, a business plan is often necessary. While creating a business plan is an extensive undertaking, consisting of many parts, it’s worth is clearly demonstrated when a firm that has taken the time to structure itself effectively is able to clearly showcase its mission and value to outsiders.

The Internal Revenue Service today announced the conclusion of its annual "Dirty Dozen" list of tax scams. The annual list highlights various schemes that taxpayers may encounter throughout the year, many of which peak during tax-filing season. Taxpayers need to guard against ploys to steal their personal information, scam them out of money or talk them into engaging in questionable behavior with their taxes. 

During his campaign, President Trump took aim at the Tax Code, saying he intended to simplify income tax laws. There is little doubt that a tax code overhaul is on the horizon, but what is less clear is exactly what the President proposes to include in what he is calling the Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act.