What is Smart Luggage?

There are several brands of smart luggage out there. The brands you might encounter more frequently are Raden, Bluesmart and Away. Other brands include Horizn and Néit. There are some differences in features and price points, but most offer the following:

Some people say that 50 is the new 30. Living longer and healthier lives might make you feel young if you are 50, but your retirement account begs to differ. Anyone who’s turning 50 or older on or before Dec. 31 is allowed to make retirement catch-up contributions starting that year. Catch-up contributions can yield big tax savings, so let’s look at how they work and some ways you can take advantage of the rules.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing – and important – trends for individual investors is the market’s current disregard for conventional wisdom, as evidenced by the bull run’s continued uptick despite a contentious political climate. If you want evidence of the market’s unpredictability, consider the following – where cause and effect seem out of whack. 

The Ongoing Bull Run

June often marks a mid-year lull in the stock market, but with no hiatus yet, the market continues the rally that began when President Trump took office in November. As we head into the second-quarter earnings season, analysts are hoping to see results that will justify current stock valuations, which are trading at their highest point since 2004. We are now in the ninth year of a bull run, which has been fueled in recent months by investors who believed that President Trump’s policies will lead to continued growth.

Over the past few years, Internet-connected vehicles have become the norm. Accordingly, cybercrooks have turned their attention to cars and trucks, looking for ways to gain access to vehicular navigational systems and to hack into drivers’ smart phones and tablets. Last year, recognizing the ever-increasing potential for breaches, automakers in the United States joined forces to battle the threat, tapping the expertise of some of the nation’s leading Internet security experts. Here’s an update on what these efforts have yielded.