International Tax Services

Doing business in foreign countries requires a U.S. company to understand how foreign tax laws and the U.S. treaty network interact. Concepts like permanent establishment, withholding taxes, business taxes, and limitation on benefit clauses may have a significant impact on the taxes that a U.S. company pays (or doesn’t pay) to foreign taxing authorities. We can help you understand potential filing requirements in foreign countries and how to meet those filing requirements. Without careful planning, a company's earnings could be depleted by additional tax costs and the costs of defending tax cases. We offer a wide range of services to assist companies in navigating international rules to identify risks and opportunities. Our services include (as related to both inbound and outbound tax planning):

  • Basic Structuring: Entity structure including choosing branch or subsidiary structure, tax-efficient acquisitions and joint ventures, global tax minimization, repatriation planning, financing, tax incentives and utilizing foreign losses.
  • Sophisticated Structuring: Location and use of holding, service and intellectual property companies; tax arbitrage; treaty planning; and effective use of low-tax jurisdictions.
  • Risk Management & Compliance: Transfer pricing reviews, compliance and reporting.
  • Profit Realization: Dividends and foreign tax credits and planning for sales, considerations of IC-DISCs.
  • Tax Provisions and reviews

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