International Audit and Accounting

Business today is global.  Whether your international business affiliations include foreign investors or investments your business has made outside of the United States, we are experienced in serving the needs of our international clients.  We have been serving globally active businesses for nearly 20 years.

Our international audit teams have extensive experience working with internationally active businesses, including those that report under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).  We conduct audits under US generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS), the standards of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, and the International Standards on Auditing (IAS).

Our international audit services include:

  • Audits of financial statements, including those prepared under IFRS.
  • Audits of consolidated financial statements for entities with foreign subsidiaries.
  • Audits of US-based subsidiaries that report to a foreign parent company and its auditor.

Please contact Seema Parikshak Verma for more information:

Seema Parikshak Verma

Indianapolis, IN