Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Employee benefit plan audits should be an efficient and cost-saving compliance tool rather than an annoying, annual undertaking. Benefit laws and regulations have been rapidly changing within the past 25 years. Our clients need to ensure their employee benefit plans are operating according to their plan provisions and within current laws and regulations. IRS-sponsored correction programs are structured to provide financial incentives for early identification and correction of errors by plan sponsors. Regular review and analysis of plan documents and transactions is essential to keeping your plans healthy and error-free.

We are experienced in the operation and administration of employee benefit plans. We will provide advice and guidance on plan matters of varying complexity, including providing an understanding of the basic operation of your plan, making control recommendations, and the transitioning of benefits in a corporate merger or acquisition.

Our audit methodology places a high importance on efficiency and consideration of your team’s time and energy, while maintaining the highest level of audit quality. We are members of the AICPA’s Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center and utilize their programs to provide extensive training to our staff. We understand the fiduciary responsibility of having a quality audit and the confidence it can provide to plan participants that their benefit plan is operating properly.

Please contact Seema Parikshak Verma for more information:

            Seema Parikshak Verma

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