Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning

You work hard to build your business and want to see it succeed after you are no longer there, whether through retirement, death, or disability.  But how is it going to happen without planning? You didn’t build your business overnight, and neither will an effective succession plan happen overnight.

Many owners fail to put a good plan in place because they are too busy with day-to-day business issues.  Or they think their family members will just take over, and their estate planning documents are enough to make it happen.

An effective business succession plan is one that takes into consideration your and your family’s financial needs, now and in the future.  It provides for a seamless transition of management so that clients, customers, vendors, and creditors all see the transition as a positive step.  With proper planning, you and your family can realize your financial and business dreams. 

That’s where Denali Wealth Management Advisors, LLC, an affiliate of BGBC Partners, can help.  With the right help, you will clearly define your goals and objectives for the transition, whether it is in one year or twenty years.  Together, we will develop a plan!

  • Business financial planning to strengthen your balance sheet and position your company for the future, whether it be a sale or a transfer of ownership.
  • Personal financial planning to give you comfort that your liquidity and net worth will fund your lifestyle and meet your and your family’s needs and desires.
  • Planning for the unexpected – an estate and disability plan to make sure your business will continue and support your family in the event of the unexpected.
  • Management succession planning to help you identify, train, and retain the next generation of leaders for your company.
  • Ownership transition planning to help you structure an optimal plan that will provide you liquidity and yet minimize any tax impact.

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