Year-end giving is a crucial time of year for nonprofits, and organizations are in overdrive in pursuit of mission-driven growth. Below are ideas and strategies to help boost your organization’s year-end giving.

  1. To make your efforts successful, it’s key to start planning before the holiday season. Get all of your key teams together—including marketing, fundraising and management—early to plan your campaign.
  2. Establish objectives to guide your campaign. Are you trying to hit a fundraising goal? Gain new supporters? Eclipse last year’s numbers? Agreeing to concrete objectives at the beginning will set your campaign up for success.
  3. Don’t ignore your existing supporters. #GivingTuesday is a great opportunity to introduce your organization to new potential donors, but don’t forget your existing supporters. Make them a part of your campaign—reach out well in advance and ask key donors and board members to spread the word to their personal networks.
  4. Consider new fundraising methods. #GivingTuesday can be an opportunity to pilot new fundraising techniques, since you can capitalize on the public support and amplification you’ll receive from #GivingTuesday’s social media presence. Consider something like a matching donation from your biggest supporters—it can effectively double your fundraising efforts.
  5. More and more donors are doing their research before making donations, and rising constituencies like Millennials and Gen Z want to make sure their money is going towards impact. Your website can be a powerful tool to tell your financial story—optimize it so donors can easily access credible documentation, like your Form 990s and annual reports.
  6. Many donors will often look to watchdog organizations like GuideStar or Charity Navigator, so you need to know if and how you appear in their databases. It’s also crucial to give donors the context behind your rankings. Those with impressive scores should look for ways to promote them, while those with less-than-ideal numbers should embrace transparency with an honest explanation on their website to cultivate and sustain trust and credibility with past and potential future donors.
  7. #GivingTuesday has the potential to spur donations and jumpstart the holiday giving season, but organizations shouldn’t rely too heavily on the results. Online giving still makes up a relatively small portion of overall donations for most organizations. Think of #GivingTuesday as an additive that enhances your yearlong fundraising activities, without replacing or defining them.