Litigation Support

Preparing for possible litigation or trial can be intimidating, time-consuming and, if done incompletely, costly. Whether it’s a business dispute, divorce proceedings, or another legal situation, most legal disputes involve complex financial and economic issues.

Our team of litigation support specialists can help you analyze financial, statistical, and economic information. Our pretrial, trial, and settlement support services can help improve your attorneys’ productivity, assist in negotiating settlements, provide expert testimony, and help you in many other ways with your case.

Pretrial Support: 

  • Assist Attorneys throughout Discovery Process
  • Business and Asset Valuations
  • Bankruptcy and Reorganization Planning
  • Family Law Matters

Trial Support:

  • Evaluate the Opposition’s Financial Evidence
  • Prepare and Analyze Trial Exhibits and Information
  • Provide Expert Witness Testimony

Settlement Support:

  • Analyze Business and Tax Implications
  • Assist in Settlement Negotiations
  • Evaluate Structured and Other Types of Settlement Offers