Our Stories

“I would encourage students to come to BGBC because you’re treated as more than just another intern. Your work here is valued and if you work hard to submit quality work, you quickly gain the respect of everyone from first-year staff to the partner group. I would also encourage students who want the most exposure to public accounting to come to BGBC. Throughout my internship I had the opportunity to work on just about every kind of return that came through our doors. I feel that exposure gives me an advantage over my peers that interned at other firms in the area. A common trend is that interns at public accounting firms may work solely on one kind of return or perform a basic task and then pass it on to a more experienced staff member. At BGBC that simply is not the case. In sixteen weeks I learned more than I ever thought possible, and I truly believe I would not have had the same career development anywhere else.” – Andrew Streit, Former Intern 

“There were many benefits you realize throughout the interview process and meeting folks in the firm prior to employment; however, the stability, complexity and support are things you cannot really quantify during that process.  Stability comes from grounded leadership executing their vision of the firm over many years.  Having a solid core is important to every organization and BGBC is no different in that respect.  We have leaders in many areas, and we have grown each and every year I’ve been here.  The complexity of the work was also a nice surprise.  You hear about it a little as you interview, but it is different when you’re seeing it firsthand.  Smaller firms sometimes become associated with easier level work; however, that is simply not the case here.  Whether it’s working through projects with our foreign tax clients, complex mergers, acquisition, and restructuring work, or complex cases there are plenty of challenging and complex projects to work on.  Last but not least I was taken aback on just how supportive the firm has been.  Not just the leadership either.  This goes from new folks all the way up to seasoned partners.  The people here are just incredibly supportive of you.  Whether that takes the form of partner support on a new initiative or staff propping you up when you’re struggling, the people here are always uplifting and helpful.  These are the benefits that set a firm like ours apart, and why you have so many professionals that never leave and call this place home.” Richard Smith, Partner

Beth McGraw“There are a couple of reasons why I chose BGBC. The firm really focuses on the technology aspect of client accounting services – this area has always intrigued me and I want to help clients improve their processes by utilizing awesome technology that is available. My other reason is the firm places a huge focus on it’s people. That focus ranges anywhere from listening to input from all employees regardless of level, finding training that employees could benefit from to build their skillsets, and supporting them during difficult times like we saw during the pandemic. If you are looking for a place where you feel valued, you want to be challenged by working with all different types of businesses, and you are ready to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to grow and advance, this is a great place to be. The talents of our team members are what make us a successful firm – it’s a team effort’”   –  Beth McGraw, Client Accounting Services Manager

“BGBC’s internship program is different from most public accounting firms. This internship challenges your time management, critical thinking, and communication skills with not just the people you work with but also the clients.  I have learned so much from this internship that I feel I can apply later in my career and in my upcoming classes.  If you feel that another internship sounds similar to this, know that you will not get another internship with a company that has as great of a culture as BGBC. Everyone, from first year staff up to the partners, is very friendly and willing to help you learn.” – Cassandra Livingston, Staff Accountant and Former Intern

“Our wide range of services provides the opportunity to gain exposure in many different areas and find your passion – and BGBC encourages employees to follow that passion. I found that my true passion is in personal finance and wealth management. By its very nature, personal finance and wealth management requires a strong personal relationship with the client and I found that I really enjoyed developing those relationships.  BGBC was very supportive and helped me explore that passion by allowing me to split time between tax work and wealth management services with our affiliate, Denali Wealth Management.” – Greg Whicker, Supervisor


“BGBC’s leadership is always looking to the future. They do not just react to how things are changing around them, but are being proactive to create change themselves. I have enjoyed participating in the firm’s initiatives and am excited for what is next.” – Caleb Williams, Supervisor